Private Sector

Executive Offices

Indiana Furniture creates work environments with distinctive style. Crafted from top notch wood and high quality laminate, Indiana Furniture offers plenty of choices for your open or private office needs.

COE’s OfficeSource® Height Adjustable Tables are easy, quick and quiet to operate. They offer the optimal vertical range to accommodate people of all sizes, making it easy to go from a sitting to a standing position throughout the day.


A welcoming municipal office environment starts with an appealing reception desk. Indiana Furniture specializes in creating uniquely designed reception desks that are as pleasant as the staff situated behind them.

Conference Rooms

Indiana Furniture will help you exude a professional work environment where things get done. Make an impression on your clients with their sleek, professional conference, meeting or huddle tables. 

Break Rooms

KI has a reputation for creating sleek and efficient workspaces that allow everyone to make the most out of their time whether they’re working or taking a break.


HON offers cubicle solutions that set the tone for your office’s interior design while giving stability and support to the overall system. 

Architectural Walls

KI builds architectural walls that strike the perfect balance between design and function. The result is an office environment that is both visually inspiring and seamlessly functional.